Friday, March 23, 2012

Chicago Stoop Theatre!

So this deserves some backstory.

We lost in Chicago, and we were all a bit sad. We went out and had a very passable, if greasy, lunch, at a bar that had Beer Pong Tournaments at 1 p.m. We did not stay to see who won the beer pong.
Afterwards, we were walking through a residential neighborhood to get to some shopping (Harrison found some awesome things in Threadless, Caso found the GREATEST hat. It's on facebook. Look it up), when we found a TARDIS drawn in chalk on the sidewalk. Given that Harrison was wearing his Tenth Doctor coat, we had to stop and take pictures, and we suddenly struck up a friendship with the folk who drew it, a couple of very lovely nerds who enjoy fine BBC programming and beer on their stoop at three in the afternoon. We took a lot of pictures, and then preformed a show.

To the owners of the stoop, let's do this again sometime! And bring enough beer for us!

Friday, March 9, 2012


Holy crap you guys, we're in Chicago! To preform comedy! Because we're awesome! We haven't had enough sleep over the past 48 hours! Aughaadhfaoawimvawloas ij;l agwiog ilsa;lghio wpo

Please, keep checking back on this site for updates, especially Saturday, March 10, for a link to where the College Improv Tournament's live streaming video, broadcast at 11 a.m. Chicago time, Noon sharp for all of the rest of you (read: all of you) on the East Coast.

For more up to the moment updates, check out our Facebook Page! We've been uploading lots of photos, and should have a deluge of videos up tonight.

Love! Uncomfortably long hugs! And thank you again for all your support!