Friday, March 23, 2012

Chicago Stoop Theatre!

So this deserves some backstory.

We lost in Chicago, and we were all a bit sad. We went out and had a very passable, if greasy, lunch, at a bar that had Beer Pong Tournaments at 1 p.m. We did not stay to see who won the beer pong.
Afterwards, we were walking through a residential neighborhood to get to some shopping (Harrison found some awesome things in Threadless, Caso found the GREATEST hat. It's on facebook. Look it up), when we found a TARDIS drawn in chalk on the sidewalk. Given that Harrison was wearing his Tenth Doctor coat, we had to stop and take pictures, and we suddenly struck up a friendship with the folk who drew it, a couple of very lovely nerds who enjoy fine BBC programming and beer on their stoop at three in the afternoon. We took a lot of pictures, and then preformed a show.

To the owners of the stoop, let's do this again sometime! And bring enough beer for us!

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